12+ Years of Mac & iOS Experience

I’ve been designing and developing applications for Mac OS X, iPhone, and iPad with Cocoa and Objective-C for over 12 years.

I'm also very fluent in standards-based, responsive web design. Most recently, I've also been building with Ruby On Rails.

Other Highlights:

My Portfolio

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  • Featured on an Apple TV commercial
  • #22 In The Entire App Store (Paid, July 2014)
  • #1 Ranked Paid App in Food and Drink (July 2014)
  • App Store Staff Pick
  • App Store ‘Go Green Essentials’
  • Featured on Food Network, and numerous magazines including Better Homes and Gardens.
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Leading Developer, Open Source Mac Web Browser

Camino was a very large and popular open-source project with millions of active users, over 86,000 lines of code, and strict code review.

I was a leading member of the development team, responsible for working on new features, reviewing others' code, and submitting new bug reports.

See highlights of my contributions, including source code and code reviews.

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Simple TV Show tracking.

I designed and developed the iOS app, and built a Ruby on Rails back-end to gather and provide the data.

(Coming very soon!)

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Briefs for Mac

Senior Developer at MartianCraft

I was the lead Cocoa enginner on Briefs for Mac, and wrote a vast majority of the app including a completely custom UI with AppKit.

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Senior Developer at MartianCraft

I was a Senior Mac and iOS developer at MartianCraft for almost 4 years. I engineered several iOS, Mac, and Ruby on Rails applications.

My work there includes Briefs (above), Typeset, and many client projects.

I also implemented the web design for giveabrief.com and wrote the web and in-app purchasing back-end.

Client iOS Development

I've worked for many high-profile clients developing popular iPhone and iPad apps. These are a few of the companies I've developed for.

Clients I've Worked With

Murphy Jewelers
E-commerce Website

Ruby on Rails / HTML / CSS

I designed and developed a completely custom e-commerce platform.

We did this for a specific and performant experience, as well as integration with existing retail stores. It is built from scratch with Ruby on Rails and fully responsive with my own HTML/CSS not based on any framework.

Murphyjewelers.com website
Murphyjewelers.com website Murphyjewelers.com website

Standards-Based Web Design

I'm also very passionate about standards-based web design, and I've been doing things responsively since the very beginning of the term.

I develop websites for all of my own iOS applications and occasionally do professional work.

Murphyjewelers.com website Murphyjewelers.com website TCHorseVet.com website Harvest App website Harvest App website Harvest App website